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So, here is some crack....

For Dani, because she is an enabler.

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So yeah. Fic. O.o


I am stuck. Help. But, I was wise enough to drag dani-chan with me, so i am not alone. Gah, is it next friday yet? I want to see my Zac. I really don't think that is too much to ask, really.

But yes. Spike and Zander. Ate my brain. So I am floundering around there while I am trying to work ahead in my self set fuda 100 challenge. Somedays, I just wonder what I was thinking, honestly.

Daniiiiiiiiiii, why don't you ever write in your journal anymore? Or to me? And aim totally does not count >XD SLAP YOU WITH A FISH XOXOXOXOXO


So, I have posted the first five of my stash of fuda_100 stories. I figure at five to ten a day, if I get lazy I will still have some backed up. Cause anyone who knows me, will realize this will happen.

So, even though they are there, I am putting the drabbles here as well, just cause i feel like it. XD

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Hope someone enjoys them. There are quite a few to go!

Noooooooooooo...... (echoes)

I have fallen back into my beloved Jrock. I was doing so good, even finding some english bands I can stand. But-but the pretty, and the makeup, and the gyrating...

Dammit. >XD Here Kyo, Kyo, Kyo... Now, off to mass download albums and find more bands that make me flail like a little girl. I miss J rock uploads, but apparently Jpop uploads has taken us in there. So all hope is not lost.

On another note, I found the release date for Lynn Flewelling's new book in the Nightrunner series, The White Road. I can't wait for 2-23-10! Oh, Alec and Seregil, you make me smile. And I friended and worked up the courage to actually send Mrs. Flewelling a message, so it has been a pretty fabulous day.

Japanese pretty-boys with their music and guitars and excellent books. Tis a very good day indeed.

A fun story and a pretty thing

And today, there was epic chalking!

Weirdest story ever...

So tonight, while walking through the woods to get to a friends house, talking with them and two other people. Minding my own business and everything when suddenly I hear my name called. I turn my head and see a flash of black and then am smoked in the freaking face and forehead by a very large bat. I screamed and hit the ground and the freaking bat flew away. We got to the house and I looked in a mirror and see the damn bat hit me hard enough to split open my skin by my hairline.

Seriously, I wish I was making this up. This fills my weird quota for the month, honestly.

Also, happy goth day! And yes, I see the irony.

Yay! I have de-lurked!

So, yes. Yay RL drama in the form of Army morons. >< So very, very frustrating, honestly. Be ready this day! No wait, just kidding, we need more paperwork! Okay, be ready! Oh wait, no, we were just testing you! I am starting to see why Zac said the paperwork was driving him to drink.

However, I have been attempting to type up a bunch of stories that have been sitting in folders so maybe if I have a fit of not laziness I will post them in here. Crazy talk, I know. Some of it is original fiction, and the rest sprawls like a crazy whore over just about every fandom I have ever been in.

And Dani was right, a big-bang is really intimidating. So yay amnesty, cause this is just a heads up for anyone who ever actually reads this other than me, a big bang is not the best first project to attempt for mass viewing. Perhaps we can have everything together for next go around...

Wooo, more Merlin drabbles!

Ahhh, Dani, you are good for my brain. Even if you found the fic before I posted it. Ah well, on to the big bang!

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...Somehow I have fallen into way too many fandoms. GW? Seriously? I have a bigbang to be working on, damnit!

Also, one of the stories I really enjoyed is missing. I need to find it somehow.

...Why, after all these years, am I playing Pocket Bishonen again??